If you’re like me, you don’t have time to read many blogs — it’s hard enough to keep up with the news in today’s politically charged climate. But over the years, I’ve followed a handful of sites that offer a wealth of insights on technology in higher education. Here are […]

Video may be one of the best forms of content marketing, but there’s still great power in the written word, and 55 percent of marketers in 2018 rated blog content creation as their top inbound marketing priority. Blogs are great for content marketing, and they’re a fantastic way to express opinions and provide […]

I don’t claim to be good at making graphics. Nor do I have an ounce of artistic talent. In fact when I was 8, my art teacher wouldn’t let me have a pair of scissors because I was too clumsy With all that said, I’m a firm believer that images can enhance […]

One meaningful use of education technology is the ability to change how students can share their voice After 10+ years of exploring and writing about the evolving relationship between technology and teaching and learning, I find |myself asking more often than ever, “out of all of these ideas, what’s really […]

In 2018, trends like activism, augmented reality, and everything ultraviolet defined design. It was a great year, but we’re ready for what’s next. As you embark on possibly your most creative year yet, embrace new ideas. Here are our top most impactful graphic design trends of 2019. 1. 3D Design After several […]

It’s no mystery why Event Magazine, the UK’s leading brand for the events industry, changed their tagline from ‘The Industry’s Leading Title For Events’ to ‘Championing Brand Experiences’ just over 18 months ago in October 2014. Experience marketing is “Changing the game in 2016” according to author, educator and speaker, Beverly […]